Glitter Pharie (glittertiger) wrote in boisfemmesinbed,
Glitter Pharie

hello my name is sarah and my g/f has recently decidced that its time for her to stop hiding and be the boi she always wanted to be. im not really all that femme but i am known to put on some make up and a skirt occationally. the enter button on this computer doesnt work so excuse my lack of paragraphs. its been about a week since zach has been around and it was an interesting 2 hrs of trying to figure out how to hide and bind his chest that first morning concidering they are a D cup. he has since obtained a binding shirt off the net and we bought him one of those really tight underarmor type shirts and a really small sports bra. we've been dating a lil under 3 months and i had moved in about 3-4 weeks ago. all this isnt extremely new becauase my first ex is now on the verge of taking T but its the first relationship ive been in like this. i totally support his decision to do this because i feel as tho its very important to be comfortable with who you are no matter what and i had already fallen in love with what was inside so this is just an interesting trip down a new road. hell my mother has always wanted me to fall in love with a nice boy and get married... close enough i say ;0). so im joining for support and advice and friendship from others in similar type situations. <3 sarah
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