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who am I

As it says in my profile i am a newly found lesibean, or should i say am just admitting it to myself and my family.though i am slightly confused. I am finding that i am more attracted to ftm trans guys rather than femme females. i prefer those who are either pre op and or DO NOT plan on having bottom surgey, but do plan on having or have had top surgey so where do i fall into this being a female who depending on my mood have very butch days and others days i am very femme, i prefer the female anatimony is more despireable though I get along better with with the trans community in general. this being said i could really use feed back b/c the ftm i was dating considered it a hetrosexual relationship in in alterative lifestyle and this kinda confused me. so am i a true lesibean or what??? i am not bi i have decided that i detest that men and there sexual orgains/ gay men r great friends and trans guys fall into a different relem of i could use a littel direction and would appricate it and or a give me somewhere i can reseach this topic to find out~what am i????
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