chaos_unfurled (redemption_song) wrote in boisfemmesinbed,


I am discovering so much this morning, i'm staying up till 5am every morning now.
i had no idea a community like this existed, its funny no matter what your flavour, Lj's got you covered, that's awesome.
anyways I'm a 22 y/o femme (i embrace the title femme, some call me a stone femme, but i never wear makeup and only high heels if the outfit calls for it)
and i love birls (this is a term i also learned tonight, i used to just say bois or androgynous girls, learn something new everyday)
i feel like i'm in a support group or something, "my name is redemption_song and i like birls, a lot"
this is new for me, cause i always thought of myself as half of the butch/femme, but as much as i love butches (and trust me i do) all my major crushes and best relationships were with birls, i dunno they just do it for me... so maybe there's something to this...

here i am
, and i look forward to great conversation from you bois and girls
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