sentmereeling (sentmereeling) wrote in boisfemmesinbed,

stone questions...

12:17 pm: explicit sexual content!!!!!!!!
can anyone give me an idea of what their definition of "being stone" is? its something ive been wondering about...
my very limited knowledge of it, is that one doesnt want to be fucked or is more comfortable with being the one who does the touching during sex...or maybe doesnt want to be penetrated but is comfortable with other things... and that while some are strictly stone others may allow thier partners to fuck them SOMETIMES...
the reason im wondering is that it has occured to me that since i enjoy being a giver and would sometimes prefer not to receive, could i be stone femme? or more importantly, could i be stone femme bottom? even if sometimes i DO like to get fucked? (and sometimes when im in the mood i do!) i like being touched but sometimes id rather just get off by fucking rather than being fucked...what does it mean exactly? maybe my idea of what stone means is totally off..
see, i just dont know what my deal is...
sometimes i wonder if something is wrong with me, but maybe i just want sex in different terms than im used to. its hard to convey that while i love sex, it doesnt have to be me thats getting off. sometimes i dont want to. sometimes i just want to get her off, and that gets me off..
i wonder if that is why we dont have sex all the time, b/c im always waiting until im in the mood to be fucked or penetrated. you know if we could just have sex, and just get HER off, but no pressure on me to want to get off, then we would be having a lot more sex. sometimes i just want to get my girl off and then cuddle. i dont know... can anyone answer the stone question or offer any advice???
help me out...
what does all this mean??
i think im a stone
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