~* Quinne *~ (riotqueerfemme) wrote in boisfemmesinbed,
~* Quinne *~

QUEER INK writing group - come join us!

please excuse the cross-posting, but I thought members might be interested in this (or know folks who might be) - please pass it on!


Queer Ink

a new writing group for queers

Queer? Do you write, or are you interested in writing? Would you like to talk with other people who write? Would you like to get together with others who understand what it’s like to struggle with writer’s block, and who want to know how to get published (like you)? Would you like help with critiquing your work and exploring your writing?


Queer Ink is a new writing group for queers who like to write, whether you call yourself a writer or not. We welcome anyone who identifies as queer and writes. We welcome folks of any gender or sexuality.


Interested? Check us out!

Come join us on the web at

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