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~* Quinne *~

Butch/Femme/Trans Social Club of Melbourne

Hi there LJers

Please excuse the cross-posting (again), but I'm sure that some folks in this community (and their friends) will be interested in this, so.... I'm helping some friends get a new Butch-Femme social group going. Read about us, tell your friends, email the promo on, and come along!


The Butch/Femme/Trans Social Club of Melbourne



To the butches, femmes and transfolk of Melbourne, where are you? It's time to meet up and socialise. It's time for Melbourne to become Australia's capital of butch/femme/trans socialising. We're organising an event (hopefully the first of many) and you're all invited.

Sunday 6 August, 1pm
150-156 Gertrude St (cnr. Gertrude & Napier Sts)

We welcome anyone with a connection to butch/femme/trans identities and dynamics. Come and have lunch with us.

If you've got any queries, please contact Tara via email (subtle_femme@yahoo.com) or phone (0402 280 383). If you could RSVP (by Thursday 3 August), that would also be helpful.

Hope to see you there...

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