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between me and you...

i am a very fortunate boi... i have a really good sex life.. not crazy or anything, but im very satisfied with it
i always get complimented on my... *ahem* oral abilities and finger play.. and when i actually do it, penetration (me using a strap on on my partner)

problem is.. i really have no idea how to have sex missionary style...

everything is great doggie position, or even with my and my partner on our sides, me lying behind her...
but soon as it gets to me on top, it all goes to hell...

luckily ive been able to hide the fact that i have no idea what im doing by having my partner place her legs on my shoulders, or just avoiding penetration all together which is no fun at all...

so ive done a little thinking and have come to the conclusion that the problem is

a. when on top i feel like i have less control, like i cant easily move in and out.. or that im not going in deep enough

b. i get overtaken with anxiety that she will figure out that i cant properly for lack of a better word fuck and it will be a bunch of drama behind it..

c. im not really sure of what im doing... its feel like its taking more energy than it should... like im putting in way too much effort

is missionary really this much work..?! i can go for hours in other positions... im not out of shape or anything... someone please tell me what im doing wrong..

hope i wasnt too vulgar.. any help would be great

i leave alaska to go home for the holidays and my "friends" have been saying great things about what they want to do when i get home.. ive spent 4 months in the wilderness, i need to relieve some tension.. and it would be great if i could go back with a couple of new tricks... ;)

(cross-posted a little)
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