silence is inherently dismissal (413tink546) wrote in boisfemmesinbed,
silence is inherently dismissal

Hope the new year is finding everyone in good health and good spirits.

My new year has come ringing in with a new mission. I am putting together a 2 day workshop/dialogue on sexuality for UVM students. I am endeavoring to define sexuality as broadly as possible and bring in as many identities and ideas on the subject as possible. As one can imagine, making sure that those who attend the workshop come from lots of sexual backgrounds is impossible, so I’m hoping to bring other identities into the room through the use of narrative.

That’s where you come in =)

If you’re comfortable, I would love for you, your friends, anybody off the street to write a 6-8 sentence narrative about your sexuality. This can include but is certainly not limited to your sexual orientation, what type of relationships you have, or even what you do in bed (but please keep in mind these will be read aloud by one of my students in my classroom… please don’t make them blush too badly). Anything that you feel describes your sexuality is welcome. Please send submissions to my email either in text or an attached word document. My email address is

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