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boisfemmesinbed's Journal

bois and femmes
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this a discussion community for bois and femmes. rather, it is a space for boi-identified individuals who like femme-identified individuals and vice versa.

the definition of "boi" and "femme," however, is up to you.

i'd like this to be a place were we genderqueers/genderbenders/genderfucks can discuss issues of sex, dating, relationships, transition, gender theory, gender issues, butch/femme dyamics, boi/femme dynamics, femme/femme and boi/boi relationships and more.

boisfemmesinbed is not exclusive of those who do not exclusively fit into the boi/femme dynamic, it is, in fact, especically for those who find gender dyamics as confusing as one-way streets in the west village.

community rules: (1) no abuse or harassment of the community itself or its members. (2) please, argue, productively. this is about a sharing of ideas. not about who is right and who is wrong. we all have our own identities, definitions and theories, and we all want to share them. we all want to learn from each other, not isolate each other. if you disagree, fell free to say so. but speak in "i" statements and diagree with ideas not people. (3) everyone has different experiences, opinions, ideas. we are all equal here, make no assumptions about experience or history. (4) there will be no preaching, lecturing, etc. (5) do NOT negate identities. respect pronouns, names, titles, etc. (6) post, post post!